Article - Who is Accountable? November 2017 
The finance department handles the most sensitive and valuable data in the business, yet the software and databases that this information is stored in are often not secure putting the business at risk. The question that needs to be asked, is who is responsible if that information is lost or corrupted because legacy software is being used? -read the article here!
Article - Are you relying on legacy software to run your business? October 2017 
Legacy accounting software and ERP solutions put businesses and their data at risk. Discover the 8 signs that identify legacy solutions. -read the article here!
Press release - Rectron acquires stake in proudly South African software developer, Palladium. June 2017 
Rectron, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mustek Ltd, a company listed on the JSE, is proud to announce that it has acquired a majority stake in leading ERP software development company, Palladium, strengthening its software proposition in the South African channel.-read the article here!
Press release - Is your Business running legacy software? If so, be warned. April 2017 
It is incumbent on Accountants, CFO’s and CIO’s to rid themselves of redundant and volatile technology or run the risk of being held personally liable for damages incurred by the business through data corruptions or other technologically related downtime.-read the article here!
Press release - Palladium Accounting V10 Obtains Windows 10 Certification. April 2017 
Palladium Business Solutions is pleased to announce that the feature rich Palladium Enterprise Version 10 has been Certified for Windows.-read the article here!
Press release - Palladium enters the Cloud. July 2016 
Palladium Business Solutions has signed an Enterprise agreement with Microsoft to host client's data in the cloud.-read the article here!
Press release - GetSmarter makes an educated decision. July 2016 
Online education company GetSmarter has successfully implemented Acumatica Cloud ERP, the fastest growing business management software in mid-size businesses. -read the article here!
Press release - More Gold for Palladium. June 2016 
As the only Gold Partner in Africa, Palladium Business Solutions has achieved the prestigious Acumatica Gold status for the fourth consecutive year.-read the article here!
Press release - Affordable business software now available in the cloud.  May 2016 
Cloud ERP vendors like Acumatica are now offering cost-effective solutions to companies that cannot afford the traditional onsite software.-read the article here!
Press release - Palladium Business Solutions to launch new Palladium Accounting Version 10.  May 2016 
Palladium Business Solutions has announced that it is launching Palladium Accounting version 10, a feature-rich and powerful version that has propelled Palladium into the next generation of ERP solutions. -read the article here!
Press release - Acumatica, the fastest growing Cloud ERP.  April 2016 

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need an integrated system that will provide a powerful 360-degree view of customers’ activities.-read the article here!

Press release - POPI (Personal Protection of Information Act) Friend or Foe? March 2016 

The upcoming POPI act will have a profound effect on the way in which business handle and manage customer and Vendor information and users of legacy Accounting software systems have some serious decisions to make. -read the article here!
Press release - Palladium scoops a prestigious award at Acumatica Summit 2016 in Orlando, Florida. February 2016 

Local ERP innovator Palladium Business Solutions has outclassed its global counterparts by winning the prestigious Acumatica International Partner of the Year Award for 2015. -read the article here!

Press release - Accounting software firms take advantage of weakening Rand. January 2016 
International accounting software vendors will soon feel the effect of the plummeting Rand, as the locally owned accounting software companies will shine! -read the article here!


Press release Time to Retire Legacy Software. December 2015 

This is an article explaining why so many of South African Companies are at risk running dated or legacy software! -read the article here! 


Press release Cloud ERP - the obvious choice. November 2015 -read the article here!


Press release - Adoption of Cloud ERP. September 2015 -read the article here!


Press release - Relating to Flexibility in ERP Software. February 2015 -read the article here


Press release - ERP Software Must Be Flexible to Survive. January 2015 

 An ERP system that is not sufficiently flexible to meet changing business demands is an anchor not a sail, holding the business back, not driving it forward. This is according to a Gartner report that now defines legacy as 'any system that is not sufficiently flexible to meet changing business needs'.

Local business solutions provider Palladium Software stresses that many business executives are concerned about the lack of flexibility in their business applications portfolio yet tend to do little or nothing about it due to a reluctance for change. -read the article here!


Press release - Free SAIBA Membership to Palladium Clients. December 2014

We have entered into an agreement with the Southern African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA) whereby all Palladium clients will receive a year's Free Membership to the Institute. In addition, clients with the requisite Accounting experience and who have also completed the Palladium Accounting product Training course will qualify as Business Accountants and be afforded the Business Accountant (SA) designation. -read the article here!